The company engaged in design, research and production of cars.


“The birth of a new brand begins the moment you feel the power of dominance over a car from which you are looking at the present moment from a historical distance, i.e. when a new logical algorythm is set that articulates all the manifesting questions related to the philosophy of car making and their technical realization. The meaning and the full effect of a new brand is only possible if the momentum is synchronised with understanding the needs of civilization. At that moment and in that case we have the effect of the market void which absorbs the new ideology of the new brand.’’

Reliable – Fast – Innovative


AQOS 25 is ready to provide first love which only the first car can provide. Reliable in his performance, fast and agile, innovative in appearance. Cost-effectiveness of this car will surprise people who want to make AQOS 25 their first car. Ideal for young people who want a different experience.

Dynamic - Confident – Persistent

AQOS Vale 45

The best way to explore the good vibes is to sit behind the wheel of this car. Dynamic in its goal will give you the reliability on the road. Every experience will raise your confidence. With him you are welcome guests at the business activities, family gatherings and socializing with friends.

Businessman – Charming – Comfortable

AQOS Zulu 60

Designed for business people with exquisite taste. Aqos Zulu 60 will set your attitude and charm in the first row. The feeling of comfort and safety leaves room for all your potential. Be where your vision leads.

Power – Style – Attitude

Aqos Fastback

Imagine the power of attitude. Imagine an attitude that has style. Imagine a car that has it all. Fastback model, in two versions, provides the ultimate brand experience.

Fastback Four Door dominates in its class with the style and behavior.

Fastback Coupe is a sporty elegant, focused, with a clear vision of its owner.

Sport – Respect – Elegance

Aqos Javier

This model is a high-performance sports car, designed for lovers of adrenaline and style. His appearance gives the impression of a different view on the world, with courage to be the center of attention. Again and again will surprise you with it’s performance. Javier raises the exclusive on a higher level.

Force - Adventure – Experience

Aqos PEJA 4 XL Off Road

If you are adventurous nature in search of adrenaline experience AQOS Peja 4 XL Off Road is your companion. Reliable on the road and off the road, Peja will give you an unforgettable experience. Safety and power under the hood will drow out your respect for this model.