Meet the team


“The birth of a new brand begins the moment you feel the power of dominance over a car from which you are looking at the present moment from a historical distance, i.e. when a new logical algorythm is set that articulates all the manifesting questions related to the philosophy of car making and their technical realization. The meaning and the full effect of a new brand is only possible if the momentum is synchronised with understanding the needs of civilization. At that moment and in that case we have the effect of the market void which absorbs the new ideology of the new brand.’’

Founder - CEO & Chief Designer

Sasa Milovancevic

Saša is a graduate architect, designer, founder and initiator of the project AQOS, who had worked for a number of very well known automotive brands. In the last few years, his focus is the structuring and formation of new brand of car in the world market. Passionate for design, he creates a car for the modern man from the beginning of the 21st century.

The Professionals

Magic happens when design idea becomes alive

M.Sc. Nikola Jelic

Mechanical Engineering

Dr. Djordje Janackovic

Research and Advanced Materials

Dr. Caslav Mitrovic


Dr. Petar Uskokovic

Research and Advanced Engineering

Dr. Igor Balac

Structural Engineering

Marko Santrac

CTO & Mechanical Engineer

Marko Cvetkovic


M.Sc. Predrag Obradovic

Business and Product Development

M.Sc. Dragoljub Pavlovic

Mechanical Engineering

Senja Wrobel

International Consulting

Dr. Vesna Lojpur

Research and Advanced Materials

Dr. Ivana Validzic

Research and Advanced Materials

Dr. Nebojsa Kolaric

Strategy & Organization

Sasa Lukic
Sasa Lukic

Representative for North America

Miran Vamberger

Bussines Development